10 Ways to Get More Creative Today

Do you struggle with creativity?

You’re not alone. Many people feel that they don’t have a creative bone in their body. That’s actually a lie. We’re all creative. We just need to tap into the source.

What is the source of creativity? That’s a difficult question to answer. Some say it’s something outside of ourselves, while others claim it’s in the power of our own minds. I think it’s a little bit or both. Whatever it is, you have the power to increase your own creativity.

10 Ways to Get More Creative Today

1. Get Moving: Your body sends messages to your brain. Physical activity stimulates your body and your brain. When you get stuck mentally, get moving physically. This can work for groups as well as individuals. My favorite activity for generating creativity is a simple walk.

2. Study Nature: Nearly everything we create mimics nature in some way. A study at the University of Kansas found that the Great Outdoors is linked with positive psychological effects. Some of the greatest art and photography works are simply direct or abstract representations of nature.

3. Read Something New: Hopefully you already spend some time reading. But what do you read? Have you been reading the same genre for years? Try something new. Reading has several effects: it exercises your brain, increases concentration, and relieves stress. Reading something outside of your zone, increases these three effects.

4. Try Doodling: I’m not an artist in the traditional sense. I’m a writer and musician. Sometimes when I’m struggling for ideas I get out a sketch pad and start doodling. There seems to be a connection between different types of creativity. A simple doodle can stimulate the mind and generate other creative ideas.

5. Don’t Try Too Hard: Often we give up on creative ventures because we feel something is not original. Get over it. Nothing is original. The greatest innovators and creative thinkers make connections. We make new connections through a variety of experiences, not by force. Stop trying too hard.


Sometimes There’s More to the Picture

6. Accept Abstraction: Abstraction and white noise increase our creativity. When we view the abstract it forces us to make connections. Silence can be helpful for intense focus, but ambient noise levels, such as the hum of a coffee shop or the tick of a clock, have proven perfect for improving creative thinking.

7. The Power Of Blue: A study conducted at the University of British Columbia discovered that blue computer screens produced twice as many solutions than other colors. This might be due to our association with blue to the ocean and sky. It produces a tranquil effect.

8. Work When You’re Tired: Creative insights come from letting our minds wander. A tired brain struggles to stay focused on a single thing. Although this might seem like a bad thing, it allows random thoughts and increases our ability to think outside of the box.

9. Sleepiness Is Powerful: Some of my best ideas have come to me on the edge of sleep. I tend to write much more creatively in the evening when my mind is tired. Think about it. Dreams can be extremely creative. Dreams come while your mind is in a hypnotic state. Working right before bed can make you more creative.

10. Reduce Anxiety: Nothing kills creativity like anxiety. I’ve occasionally struggled with bouts of anxiety. It takes over. When your mind gets consumed with a problem it refuses to let it go. If you’re anxious, try exercising and deep breathing.

Make a Point to Practice Creativity

Next time you’re struggling with creativity, keep these 10 ways to get more creative in mind. If nothing else works, simply take a short break form your project and come back to it later. But don’t wait too long. Procrastination is not on the list.