4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog This Year

If you’ve followed my blogging journey, you know that I’ve been doing this for quite awhile. I’ve had some ups and downs. I’ve blogged about a variety of topics, such as writing, blogging, minimalism, and simple habits for success. If you’ve kept up with my recent changes, you know that there are four cornerstones to this blog: creativity, productivity, simplicity, and success.

If you want to improve in any of these areas, I want to encourage you to start your own blog this year.

Blogging Will Help You Improve in These 4 Areas of Life

  1. Creativity: Keeping a blog makes you more creative. Whether your focus is on writing or photography, blogging will inspire you to be creative. Both the content and your design will spark your creativity. If you’re a creative, or you want to improve your creativity, then blogging is for you.
  2. Productivity: If you want to increase your productivity, blogging can help. When you practice the self-discipline needed for blogging, you’ll learn how to become more efficient with your time.  Efficiency leads to productivity. That’s a win-win scenario.
  3. Simplicity: Blogging doesn’t have to be flashy or complex. In fact, by keeping a blog simple, you’ll discover the power of simplicity. Minimalist design is something that is easy to learn and apply. And in the end, the emphasis will be on your message.
  4. Success: It’s hard to get your work recognized without an online presence in today’s world. Whether you’re a business owner or a writer, blogging gives you a potential world-wide audience. Even if you just want a personal blog, you’ll learn writing and designing skills that will lend themselves to future success.

Here’s How to Get Started

So you want to start a blog but you don’t know how? It’s actually very simple. Let’s go over a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a domain name: There are free blogging services, but if you’re serious about blogging, you should buy your own domain name. The easiest way to do this is to buy a domain name through the hosting service you decide to use. Think hard before choosing your domain name. Make sure it truly represents you and your blog’s topic.
  2. Choose a hosting service: There are many hosting services to choose from. Do a little research and decide which service works the best for you. Consider price, storage, and package options. I use Fat Cow Web Hosting and have had a good experience with them.
  3. Install WordPress: I don’t know about all hosts, but with Fat Cow, there’s a simple, single-click WordPress option. WordPress is free and one of the most-used blogging platforms available. If you want to get a premium theme, I’d recommend looking into Brian Gardner’s StudioPress.
  4. Start blogging: Start writing. But think things through before you publish. In the future, I’ll be adding some posts and course material about blogging and writing at danerickson.net.

If you’d like to develop yourself both professionally and personally, starting a blog is a good way to start. I encourage you to start today. Just click here for more information.

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