Here’s How You Can Start a 66-Day Journey to Success

Studies have discovered that it takes approximately 66 days to start a new habit. This means that you can easily create new habits for success. You just stick with something for 66 days. Would you like to get started on your journey with one simple habit?

I want to share something that many successful entrepreneurs practice. And it only takes a few minutes a day.

Commit to Keeping a Journal for 66 Days

That’s it. All you need is a journal and a pen and 10-minutes a day. According to Entrepreneur, Success, and Forbes, successful people write things down. So what do you write about in your new 66-day journal? Here are some ideas:

  • Goals: Put your daily goals in writing. Then add a list of ways you can reach those goals.
  • Daily life lessons: When you learn something new, write it down as a reminder for later.
  • Achievements: Track your exercise and fitness accomplishments.
  • Gratitude: List a few things that you are grateful for each day.

I think you get the idea. But next comes the hard part: Remembering to spend time with your journal each day.

Here’s a good way to start. Think of something else that you do on a daily basis. Do you have morning coffee? Keep your journal near your coffee. Do you exercise? Keep your journal near your exercise equipment. You simply use one habit to help you jump start another habit. In time you’ll associate one habit with the other and it will become second nature.

Don’t Wait Until the New Year

I know some of you are thinking that the new year would be a great time to get started. But waiting is just another reason to avoid starting. If you put it off today, why would you do any better in two months? New Year’s resolutions rarely work because they make the faulty assumption that there’s a perfect time to start.

There is no perfect time. But there is a right time. The right time is now. Start your 66-day journey to success by starting a journal today. Once you develop the habit of keeping a journal, you can add another 66-day habit to your habit arsenal.

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