About Me

Hi, I’m Dan Erickson and I’m glad you’re here. I hope you can find something helpful on my blog. A little about me: First off, I’m a teacher. I’ve made a career of teaching public speaking, writing, and blogging. My goal is to continue to teach others how to discover and hone their own talents.

I’m the author of several books, including, A Train Called Forgiveness and Finding Our Way Back Home. From my own childhood experience in a cult to practicing simple living, I’ve used writing to make sense of my experience.

It’s Really About Keeping Things Simple

Along my journey, I’ve developed many simple habits that have helped me to become more creative and more productive. And guess what? Anybody has the ability to create habits that will lead to a more successful life. It’s my hope that I can help you reach your goals.

Whether you just want to simplify your life or write a novel, I’ve been down those paths. I continue to live simply and write daily. You can learn simple habits that will benefit you both personally and professionally. It would be my pleasure to help.

More About Me

  • Writer at Hip Diggs
  • Education: M.A. in communication
  • Work: education, radio, television and journalism
  • Status: single dad to 12-year-old Annie
  • Pets: Border Collie, Shep
  • Music: guitar, piano, drums, mandolin, banjo, ukulele

Want the long story? It’s a little crazy. Learn more about me here.

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