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You’ve often heard we shouldn’t mix our business with pleasure. I disagree. Being creative brings pleasure. It gives one a sense of accomplishment. So why not mix a little creative fun into our business together?

My Business Is Creativity

Hi, I’m Dan Erickson. I’ve been creating words and music for more than thirty years. I’ve written books, poetry, songs, and more. I’ve developed blogs and business plans. I have a passion for being creative.

I’d love to help you find and develop your creativity. Whether you’re writing a book or starting a blog, I can help.

A Little Bit About My Creative Story

My own story is unique. I invite you to take a few minutes to learn a bit more about me. Thanks for stopping by The Creative Side.

I used to call my creative story my “cult” story. You see, I was raised in a cult as a child. A few years ago, I wrote my first book, an account of my childhood experience. Then I started a blog. And another. I’ve discovered that my creativity has grown out of a desire for change. Whether through song, poem, book, blog, or photography, creativity comes from a continual desire to improve yourself. Self-improvement leads to a stronger skill set that will help you in all areas of life.

Education, Work & Family

I have a Master’s degree in communication. I work as a professor, teaching public speaking and social media courses at a college in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love watching students gain skills in communication. It’s a priceless skill. I’ve also worked in radio and television.

I’m a single dad of an 11-year-old girl, Annie. We love to spend time hiking, sailing, and walking our Border Collie, Shep through our historic neighborhood. Being a single parent is a tough job, but extremely rewarding. Learn more about me here.

About: Photo of Dan Erickson & his daughter Annie.
Photo by Deccio Creative

My Other Blog, Hip Diggs, And More

I’ve started (and deleted) several blogs over the past five years. I’ve finally narrowed things down to two blogs. I’m a big fan of simple living and minimalism. Hip Diggs is a site that focuses on simple and healthy living. You might say that Hip Diggs is my practical side and this is my creative side.

I’ve also written for several other blogs and websites including Pick The Brain and The Change Blog. Currently, my writing is featured at:

Podcast Interviews

I’ll be posting here at The Creative Side a couple times per month. It’s my hope to inspire you to find and develop your own creativity. I’m glad you stopped by today. Please take some time to look around. Make sure to sign up for the free newsletter before you leave.

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