5 Reasons Your Art Matters More Than You Think

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the big picture. In the big picture, it might feel like you are insignificant. It might feel like your art is insignificant. But your art matters. It matters more than you think.

Your art matters because art can change the world. Art can make the world a better place. It’s less about you, and more about the effect your work can have on others.

Earth Without the “Art” Would Just Be “Eh.”

Your art is important. Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned master at what you do, it’s important. I know that might be hard to believe when you’re struggling to be seen or heard. But it’s not about you, it’s about your art. Your art is a message. The message is what’s important. Your art matters. Here’s why:

1. You Were Chosen to Do What You Do

Whether or not you believe in a Creator, there is a creative force at work in this world. I never set out to be a musician, a songwriter, a poet, and a writer. Something pulled me in that direction. It’s as if the seed of creativity was planted in me before I was born.

Do you ever feel as though what you do doesn’t matter because it will never get noticed? Don’t. You never know if it will get noticed. If you were given the talent, practice it. Share it. There’s a reason you were given your creativity. Your work could touch millions. Or maybe it will only touch one. But perhaps it will save that person’s life.

2. There’s Too Much Commercial Garbage in the World

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of commercialism. Television, advertising, glamour, it all seems shallow and lacks true artistic integrity.

We need true artists. We need quality music. We need honest writers. The world has enough clutter. Your art matters because you create an honest representation of yourself and your environment without selling out. We need more art and less glitz.

3. Your Art is a Natural Stress Reliever

A few weeks ago I wrote about Anxiety & Art. Whether you paint, write, play music, or take pictures, your creative work is an outlet. Often, it’s in our creativity that we’re able to express deeply-held feelings that would not be expressed otherwise. As a musician, there have been times that playing the drums has helped me release anger. Playing the piano has helped me to relax. Writing a song has worked as therapy.

Creativity can relieve stress. Less stress can help you stay sane. Your art matters more than you think.

4. You Gain Self-Discipline

Practicing a creative endeavor takes time, energy, and commitment. In short, your art helps you to become a more disciplined individual.

Self-discipline is something you can use in many areas of life. If you have the power to be committed to practicing art, that discipline can spill over into your career, your physical health, your finances. I apply the same commitment to exercise as I do to writing. That means I exercise daily. But the self-discipline of writing came first.

5. You Set a Good Example for Others

I have a 10-year-old daughter, Annie. She gets to witness my commitment to creativity. She sees me spend time writing instead of watching TV. She sees me recording music instead of playing video games.

It’s my hope that my example will rub off on Annie. She’s already musically inclined. She plays piano and practices dance. Although she’d rather be playing on her iPod, in time, maybe she’ll become more committed to her art.

Check Out This You Tube Video: Why Art Matters

I hope you’ve found some encouragement and inspiration in this article. It’s my goal to help you find and develop your creativity.