I’m an Artist, So I’m Going to Act Like It

I’m Not Trying to Impress Anyone With This Blog

I’m an artist. My goal isn’t to drive traffic or make loads of money. My goal is simply to inspire others to find and develop their own creativity. With that idea in mind, I’ll be sharing my own creative works on this platform.

I believe that creativity breeds creativity. Have you ever noticed that you get more inspired to be creative when you spend time with other creative people? It’s true.

Creative people are not afraid to show their stuff. Whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, or a rock and roller, part of being a true artist is sharing your work.

I’ll Be Sharing My Fiction, Poetry, and Music

I’ve been blogging at danerickson.net for nearly five years. A few months ago I deleted all the content form the blog and started over. Why? The problem was twofold:

  1. I had too many dead links: I had no clue what I was doing when I first started blogging. I created and deleted pages and posts only to wind up with a Google-search nightmare. Starting fresh has allowed me to redesign the blog in a way that will remain unique, yet consistent.
  2. I had no focused niche: If you followed my blog a few years ago, you may have become confused. Although I consistently posted my own fiction, poetry, and music, I mixed it up with a variety of other niches. The blog wandered from leadership to writing to forgiveness without any sense connection.

Creativity is an Extremely Personal Thing

Being an artist is not always easy. You have to be willing to share some of your most personal thoughts and feelings. You have to be willing to share your work. Sharing your work can lead to criticism and rejection. It comes with the territory. If you’re an artist, you have to act like it.

I’ve discovered that a funny thing happens when you start acting like an artist. You start to continually improve. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll have critics. You’ll be rejected. Accept these things and push on. That’s what it takes. You must be willing to stumble, even when it’s on your own platform.

In the coming weeks, months, and years, you can expect to see many inspirational posts about finding and developing your creativity. I’ll research and share other people’s stories about the creative process. I’ll share a variety of official studies on creativity. But there’s more.

I’m an Artist, so I’m Going To Act Like It

Expect occasional posts that promote my own creative works on The Creative Side. Expect to see some excerpts from my books. Expect some new poetry. Expect to hear new recordings of my music. I’m not trying to impress you with these things. I’m just acting like the artist that I am. And it’s my hope that my creativity will help to inspire your creativity.