Change Is The Only Constant


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

If you follow me online, you might know a few things about me: I’m a single dad. I’m a Christian. Music and writing are two of my favorite things. I believe in living a simple life. The struggle is real.

My writing journey started years ago, long before the blogs and long before the World Wide Web. The journey began long before most of you knew me. It started when I was eight years old. It started with a song.

It’s Been A Long Road That’s Led Me To Where I Am

If you follow me online, you might know that I’ve floundered a bit. I started my blog with a poem, then a book. That led to writing about writing. I changed my mind and I changed my mind again. My blog files were corrupted and I erased everything and started over. Along the way, I’ve started and killed off several blogs. Hip Diggs stuck. The struggle is real.

If you follow me online, there may be some things you don’t know about me. I’m shy and introverted and slow to make new friends. But I’ve also met a lot of great people online. People like Dan Black, Brian Gardner, Floyd Samons, Joshua Becker, Joe Lalonde, and many, many others.

If There’s One Constant About Life, It’s Change

So where’s this all leading? I don’t know, exactly. There are days I want to throw in the towel and give this all up. But I won’t. I know there’s a reason for what I do. There’s a goal, even if I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I used to think the goal was to show off my talent. Then I thought the goal was to build traffic. Then I thought the goal was to sell books and make money. I’ve followed the masses and catered to formula one day. I’ve thumbed up my nose and resisted conformity the next. The struggle is real.

highway-216090_1280 change

So Here I Am Again, Looking Change In The Eye

This blog has been a place where I can explore my writing. I used to believe that wandering was a bad thing. People sold me on needing a specific topic. I gave into formula and tried to emulate more popular blogs while desperately trying to be unique. The struggle is real. It’s led me to be aware of these 5 things as a blogger:

  1. Write about whatever you want: Yes, a basic theme is a good thing, but life is full of variety for crying out loud. Don’t limit yourself. Write about life. Explore your experiences and log life’s changes.
  2. Write whenever you want: Yes, a steady writing schedule is good, but forcing your writing is not. Focus on quality, not quantity.
  3. Don’t try to fit in: Stop trying to be like everyone else. You’re not. Be yourself. It’s only in being yourself that you’ll find your unique writing voice. Do this at the cost of losing your audience. What good does it do to gain the world if you lose yourself in the process?
  4. Be unique: There are too many cookie-cutter blogs out there.
  5. Don’t take your friends for granted: If you want to become successful as a blogger, make and keep online friends. You’ll find more happiness and success through relationships than you ever could through money and fame.

Expect Simple Change

You may have guessed that something is about to change at Of course, you’d win the bet if you’re a gambler. But the change coming will be simple.

  • Starting now, I’ll be posting less often
  • I’ll be posting less “how-to” creativity articles
  • I’ll be posting more of my original thoughts
  • In the near future, I’ll be tweaking some of my pages
  • There will be less formula
  • In 2017, I’ll be moving toward longer posts

Of course, all of this is subject to change. Because next to God, change is the only constant.

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  1. I remember reading once where Chuck Swindoll said, “Change is inevitable; misery is optional.” I embrace change. I want that part of my legacy to live on…that I was not stuck in the past or even in the present acts but I was always willing to look ahead and change if necessary. Oh…I like your list for bloggers. I had to learn that.

    1. I’m not sure why I’ve continually struggled with this blog. It’s been nothing but “change” over the years. I think it’s a good thing, but also feel a little scattered and uncertain. Hip Diggs has been a great blog for having a specific purpose and I’ve been able to resist any major changes with ease. But here, on my namesake’s site, I struggle.

      I’ve seen some blogs that post much less often, (ones or twice a month), but much longer posts (2000-3000 words). For now, I’m just going to post less often, (every other week). Next year I’m thinking of trying the long-post format. I think it will force me to work at my writing in a different style than the short posts, songs, books, etc. It will also allow for more depth and creativity. We’ll see where things go. As always, thanks for reading and commenting, Bill.

  2. Dan, thank you for this great article. We fully understand your struggle, even thourgh not being as long in “business” as you in terms of blogging. Most sites and guides make you think you have to be professional up to the very end. Eventually, you start over-engineering. And loose your passion. That is when the soul in your work disappears. This is why we are trying a flexible / organic strategy from the very beginning. We carefully listen to what the readers say. But carefully listen to our gut as well. And only if we feel comfortable and passionate we eventually move on. Actually, we believe that this is what minimalism is also a lot about. Being able to make the difference in between inner and outer voices. And understand what truly makes you happy. All the best for the new start from The Elementarist, Veronika and Fabian

    1. Wow, I just noticed your comment. Sorry about the delay in response. I’ve been spending more time over at I’ve seen your work getting shared on Facebook and appreciate what you guys are doing. I’ve also listened to my gut and have decided to stay simple and move on. Thanks for stopping by.

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