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The opposite of networking is NOT working. – Someone Smart

Blogging has been a journey of ups and downs, mistakes and successes for me. I’ve owned and operated about a dozen blogs over the past six years. I made grave errors in organizing my blogs. I erased dozens of posts and changed my pages’ url addresses. I put off updating my WordPress and my plugins. That led to a minor disaster.

In 2015, I wound up with a bunch of corrupted files on I decided the best way to solve the issue was to kill the whole blog and start over. There were already dozens of bad urls and other problems.

That’s When I Decided To Forego Comments

I’d kept comments off at my blog for over a year. It gave me time to focus on the blog and the writing without feeling overwhelmed by comments. In the good old days here, I’d get 20-30 comments most days. So when I restarted this blog last November, I decided to turn comments off while I developed the new look.

I’ve decided to turn the comments back on. I have a few reasons for this decision. The biggest one being this: I miss networking with others.

It’s Time To Restart The Conversation

I’ve noticed a decline in how many people comment on blogs in general. I don’t think I’ll be flooded with comments here in the near future, but I do hope a few of you might connect or reconnect with me. I don’t post as often as I used to and I probably won’t check my comments every day. But I will make a point to respond to comments and see what you’re writing on your own sites.

So here’s to making new connections and reconnecting with old friends.


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  1. I’m back to0 Dan. I have dropped the need to post daily or even weekly brought on by comparing or wanting to be liked in the blog world, it’s been freeing. I am what I am by the grace of God when it comes to blogging. I love the flow of spiritual energy that comes when I write in this freedom. Truth is, I will never ever get this blogging all right, not even half right, like all social media it moves and changes too fast. Simple is my game plan…it works for me. I am glad you are back, you are a good communicator, and write mostly what I am interested in, Jesus and His people. Remember I collect relationships, face to face kind, written kind, blog kind, all kinds that have the same heart. This is no put down on those who blog on other subjects but I must have interaction that takes me deeper into Him so I can be wise and filled with courage. So thanks brother for fighting through the mud in the blog world and returning. We of like mind need each other to build our faith to face and deal with those of another mind.

    1. Glad to have you back here, Betty. I’ve not been focusing on Jesus as much on this blog, more creativity. My blog is about simple living, but probably includes more Christian posts. I too have reached a point where I don’t try to make this blogging a popularity thing. I will continue to try to grow Hip Diggs because I believe in the simple living message. I’ll post here a few times a month and be happy with that.

  2. Glad to see you’ve opened the door back up! You’re one of the folks that I enjoy dialogue with. Hope all is well in your world and I see your little one isn’t so little anymore! It happens so fast. Welcome back, Dano!

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