Comments Are Back: Let’s Connect

Blogging has been a journey of ups and downs, mistakes and successes for me. I’ve owned and operated about a dozen blogs over the past six years. I made grave errors in organizing my blogs. I erased dozens of posts and changed my pages’ url addresses. I put off updating my WordPress and my plugins. That led to a minor disaster.

In 2015, I wound up with a bunch of corrupted files on I decided the best way to solve the issue was to kill the whole blog and start over. There were already dozens of bad urls and other problems.

That’s When I Decided to Forego Comments

I’d kept comments off at my¬†blog for over a year. It gave me time to focus on the blog and the writing without feeling overwhelmed by comments. In the good old days here, I’d get 20-30 comments most days. So when I restarted this blog last November, I decided to turn comments off while I developed the new look.

I’ve decided to turn the comments back on. I have a few reasons for this decision. The biggest one being this: I miss networking with others.

It’s Time to Restart the Conversation

I’ve noticed a decline in how many people comment on blogs in general. I don’t think I’ll be flooded with comments here in the near future, but I do hope a few of you might connect or reconnect with me. I don’t post as often as I used to and I probably won’t check my comments every day. But I will make a point to respond to comments and see what you’re writing on your own sites.

So here’s to making new connections and reconnecting with old friends.


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