Connections Between Cults, Trains, and Forgiveness

Making connections between seemingly unrelated things is a major key to creativity. When we make random connections, our brains learn to interpret information in creative ways.

Check out this PDF from about the random input creativity technique.

On my about page, I mention that I was a child victim of a cult. I used to refer to my first novel, A Train Called Forgivenessas my cult story. I don’t like that description. It’s really about my childhood experience, train travel, coming of age, mental illness, forgiveness, and so much more. Now I prefer to call it my creative story.

Everybody Has a Creative Story

Creativity happens when we start making making links between unexpected things. In A Train Called Forgiveness, I connected my childhood experience with my struggle to discover my self-identity in my late 20s. The journey to find my self-identity included dealing with the act of forgiveness. Now we have some great connections.

I had tried to write about my childhood experience several times without success. Something was always missing. But when I was finally able to make the connections between these very different, but related parts of my life, the story came alive. That’s the power of connections.

In the future, I’ll be sharing some short excerpts from A Train Called Forgiveness and some of my other books.