Creative Location: Top 10 Creative Cities in The U.S.

You’ve heard the old saying about real estate: location, location, location. It’s also true for creativity. Do you live in a creative location?

Whether you’re a writer, a musician, or a creative business person, there are some locations that are more suited for you than others. If your goal is to have a successful career in a creative industry. You might want to consider moving. According to Forbes, these are the top 10 cities for creativity:

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is known for using online tools for promoting and fundraising. The city had the highest number of Bandcamp and Kickstarter projects per capita. They also came in second highest in the amount of ReverbNation artists.

2. Boston

I was surprised to see Boston so high on the list. Boston has a thriving music community, MIT, and the New England Conservatory. If you live in the New England region, Boston might be your creative location.

3. Nashville

Nashville has been dubbed Music City for years. But more recently, Nashville has become a top destination for business professionals. Bloggers like Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins also make Nashville their home.

4. Austin

The University of Texas and the South by Southwest Music Festival both have homes in Austin, Texas. If you live in the Texas region, Austin might be your best location.

5. New York

The Big Apple has always been a hotbed for creativity. With some of the greatest record companies, Broadway, and of course, great comedy, New York City is a great place for up-and-coming musicians and actors. Could NYC be your creative location?

6. Portland

I live a few hours from Portland. The city has always had a funky vibe. It’s a location that attracts creatives and environmentally-inclined folks. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is one of two places you might consider setting up shop.

7. Los Angeles

Movies, music, comedy, fashion, Los Angeles has it all. Universal Studios, Disney, MGM, and many other commercial film companies make their homes in L.A. If you’re interested in working in the film industry, Los Angeles might be your city.

8. Seattle

I grew up in Seattle and still live a couple hours away. Seattle’s been the home of great bands such as Heart and Nirvana. Seattle has also become second to New York in Broadway theater. It’s another great option for PNW folks.

9. Detroit

Who would have thought Detroit would be on this list? When we think of Detroit we often think of the economical devastation the city suffered. But remember, Detroit was the home of Motown. There’s some great deals on real estate in Detroit, too.

10. Oakland

Like San Francisco, with it’s location so close to Silicon Valley, Oakland has plenty of creative opportunities. Maybe Oakland is your creative location.

Creative people need to find the right place to fit in. If you’re a creative person, these cities can offer you opportunities that you might not find in other cities. You might not be packing your bags and moving tomorrow, but consider your future options.