Expect the Unexpected

I’ve struggled with this blog. Some of you who’ve known me for a long time know the history of danerickson.net. I started the blog in 2011. At first it was nothing but a place for me to work on poetry. Then I wrote my entire first novel, A Train Called Forgivenesslive on this site. You could expect unexpected here.

This blog has ben through half a dozen phases and topics. I tried to follow the advice on blogging. “Pick a niche,” they said. I tried a handful of topics: leadership, business, writing, forgiveness, motivation. It became a blog where you could expect unexpected content. Not so good from a business perspective. Nothing clicked. So I settled for posting my own books, songs, and poetry mixed with a few random thoughts.

By the End Of 2015, This Blog Was a Total Mess

I erased the whole thing in the fall of 2015. I decided to restart and blog about creativity. After all, that’s what I do. I get creative. I write. I blog. I play music. It’s the perfect topic for me, right? Not quite.

When I started The Creative Side in late 2015, I made the same mistakes I’ve made a dozen times in my blogging journey. I tried to set up the blog like everybody else expected. I created a start page and offered my services as a creative consultant. I started posting articles on ways to find and use your creativity. Guess what? It’s getting old. So expect unexpected things here at The Creative Side.

When I restarted this blog, the plan was to post about creativity while mixing in an occasional post from my own artistic pallet. The goal was to gain a following and offer my creative services. Silly me. You think I’d have learned by now. So now what?

Expect Unexpected Small Changes in the Future

I also run a blog called Hip Diggs. It’s a blog about moderate minimalism and simple living. It works for me. The topic provides me with a variety of ideas that are fun to write and helpful to others. Hip Diggs gets more than 10x the traffic as this blog. Honestly, this blog gets less than 1000 visits per month. So where do I go from here?

This Is My Blog and I’m Going To Do Whatever I Want!

So here’s where this is all leading. I think there’s a message in this for anyone who practices creativity. To heck with conformity. I’ve tried to make danerickson.net a blog that fits the mold. It doesn’t work. Why? Because I’m not clay. I’m the real deal. I’m extremely unique and creative. So here’s the plan for now.

I’ll still keep my shingle offering creative consultation up. I still love helping others on their own journeys. I’ll continue to post about creativity. But this blog is personal. Don’t be surprised to see more of my own creative works here. Don’t be surprised to see more of my personal thoughts, even outside of the area of creativity. Don’t be surprised if I post a little less often or maybe more often. This is The Creative Side of me. Always expect unexpected things.

So does this make danerickson.net a failure? I don’t think so. It makes it a continual experiment. It makes it a place where I can constantly practice and review my personal and creative growth. I’m going to embrace the mess. Check out this Ted Talk about the unexpected benefit of celebrating failure.

Accept your own mess. Don’t follow the masses and aim for socially-dictated perfection. Give yourself permission to make a mess. Give yourself permission to kill your projects and start again. That’s what creativity is about. That’s what danerickson.net is about. Expected the unexpected.