Get Inspired: 4 Ways to Find Creative Motivation

Do you want to get inspired? Perhaps I can help. Through my years of practicing writing and music, I’ve learned a few things about finding the source of creativity. And I’ll tell you something: When you’re feeling drained, when you’re lacking creative energy, it may be closer than you think. The secret to reigniting your spark is simple. Change form.

There are two common causes for feeling like we have run out of fresh ideas:

  1. We’re trying too hard to reach something that does not exist.
  2. We’re just burnt out and tired, bored of what we’re doing.

Get Inspired By Changing Where You Seek Your Motivation

As a writer, I have times when I feel less inspired. I struggle to write something original. I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block. I don’t believe in writer’s block. I never get completely stuck. I do get frustrated when I feel like something is not coming as I’d like. I do get tired when I feel like I’m repeating the same ideas using different words. It’s times like these that I do something you might not expect. I quit.


That’s right. I give up. I stop trying. But that doesn’t mean I’m a failure. On the contrary, I’m more likely to succeed in the long run if I quit for a short period of time. But quitting one thing doesn’t mean quitting everything. Think of it this way. It’s more like clocking out for awhile. And in the meantime you change form. You go out of your normal routine to get inspired. Here are some things that work for me.

4 Ways to Get Inspired

  1. Do the opposite: If you’re trying to write something and you’re not getting into your groove. Stop. Instead of writing, erase. Go through old work and delete things you no longer believe are up to your standards. Edit writing that you’ve already completed. Stop trying so hard. Get inspired by rereading old work and letting go of the chaff.
  2. Get dirty: One thing that always helps me to return to my creative mindset is physical labor. When my creativity is at a low, I get outside and work. I landscape. I plant. I dig. I paint. I find things that need to be completed around my home. Currently, I’m working on painting the exterior my own home. Work is satisfying in itself. The final product brings a sense of accomplishment. Presto! Inspiration.
  3. Keep walking: I’ve said it again and again. Walking is one of the best forms of physical and mental exercises known to humankind. I’ve discovered that a brisk walk helps to keep the mind fresh. I can ponder and contemplate as I walk. I can study nature and reflect. Try it. You might just get inspired.
  4. Play with kids: I have a 10-year-old daughter. Sometimes she drives me crazy with her requests to play games. But sometimes games are just what I need. Play is an excellent tool for developing creative ideas. Kids have wonderful imaginations. A little play with some kids and you might just find the motivation to get more creative yourself.

Don’t push yourself too hard when the ideas aren’t coming. Instead, do something completely different. If you’re stuck at writing, try drawing. If you’re stuck at designing, try taking photos. If you’re struggling with developing a business plan, take a hike. Sometimes what you’re expecting might come from unexpected places.