High Self-Monitors Make Better Leaders, so How Can You Become One?

Do you know whether you’re a high self-monitor or a low self-monitor? Perhaps, you’re somewhere in the middle. Let me explain:

Self-monitoring is a concept that shows how much people monitor their self-presentations. The more you check your own expressive behavior and non-verbal displays, the higher you fall on the self-monitoring scale.

The Advantages to Being a High Self-Monitor

According to the Washington Post:

People who can self-monitor well use cues from others as guidelines for regulating and controlling their verbal and nonverbal self-presentation. They are especially attuned to role expectations and tend to pay close attention to the behaviors of others.

This means that high-self-monitors are social chameleons. They can adapt their behaviors and expressions to a variety of situations. They tend to shine in many roles. They make better managers and leaders than low self-monitors. This is because they can change their leadership style to accommodate different needs.

Low self-monitors, on the other hand, seem oblivious to how others see them and may even insist that they can’t “change who they are.”

How Can You Become a High Self-Monitor?

Becoming a high self-monitor is an intentional journey. That journey starts with your reflection. Researchers have discovered that we have more self-awareness when we see our own reflection in the mirror. Here’s what happened in a study of dieters who were given candy:

The first group ate their candy in a room without any mirrors, and acted as expected – taking the day off from their diets, and indulging in the treats.

However, the second group was placed at a table directly in front of a mirror. So they could not help but see themselves eat the candy.

This group not only ate less candy, but also reported less difficulty in resisting the temptation to binge.

The study concludes that as we practice more self-awareness, we have a greater desire to improve ourselves. We want to improve ourselves so that we won’t let others down. But we have to make the choice to start the journey. In other words, you become a high-self monitor by practicing self-awareness.

How can you become more self-aware? Keep a journal. Study your own behaviors in a variety of social conditions. Practice you self-presentation in the mirror. All of these behaviors can lead to higher self-monitoring.

When you become a high self-monitor, you become more confident and you’re one step closer to being more successful.

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