How to Get More Done By Doing Less

You might think the title of this post is a contradiction. We’ve been programmed to believe we have to hustle. In order to be successful, we’re told that we have to work hard and keep busy. What if that’s all hype? What if you can actually get more done by doing less?

In my twenties I lived in a travel trailer and worked overnights at a mini mart. Life was simple. I did my job and went home. I didn’t have a telephone or a TV in my trailer. But I was super productive. I spent hundreds of hours learning how to play the guitar. I worked on writing poetry, songs, and stories.  Exercise was a daily commitment. I read dozens of books. I did the important things.

Fast Forward to the Digital Age

Let’s be honest. How much do we really accomplish by being online, using social media, or even promoting ourselves across the Internet? How is keeping an online presence helping you to personally improve? Are you going further and deeper into the practices you once were passionate about?

I’ve discovered something. When we do less of the stuff we think we need to do to become acceptable by the masses, we’ll spend time doing things that really matter. We’ll get more done.

When was the last time you just sat and did nothing? If you’re like most productivity-driven Americans, it’s been awhile. You’ve been led to believe that you have to do more in order to get ahead. It’s a lie. Doing more only keeps you running. If you keep running you’ll never win the race because the race will never end. You have to stop. Breathe. Do less.

Get More Done By Doing Less Mindless Busy Work

Here are just a few of the results you’ll discover if you focus on doing more of what’s important:

  1. You’ll relieve stress: Taking on too many projects and responsibilities is a sure-fire way to create stress. Spending mindless hours doing essentially nothing online leads to stress, too. You wind up procrastinating and not getting the important stuff done. That increases stress. Relieve stress by doing less meaningless stuff.
  2. You’ll get more rest: Busyness wears you down. You’re more likely to get sick. When you learn to do less, you’ll get more rest. More rest will increase your overall health. With better health, you’ll get more of what really matters done.
  3. You’ll remain true to self and loved ones: Taking on too many commitments and activities actually pulls you away from what’s most important: your family. By getting rid of the nonessential busywork, you’ll open up more time for your loved ones. That’s more of what’s best.
  4. You’ll have time to think and plan: Sometimes we get so busy doing, that we don’t take the time to think. Sitting and doing nothing creates the space we need to become more thoughtful and creative.

Don’t get caught in the trap of doing too much, especially the stuff that doesn’t really count. Consider what items on your plate are the most important. Focus your effort on your most essential projects. Don’t go wider, and take on more. Keep it simple and go deeper into what you’ve  already started Keep your family first. Learn to do less on a day-to-day basis so that you can do more in the long run.

Make a promise to yourself to take a few moments each day to stop, sit for a spell and do less. You’ll be happier and healthier.

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