Misfits: The Power of Being Different

Have you ever noticed that some of the most creative people seem to be social misfits? It’s true. But sometimes there is power in being a misfit. Some of the biggest entrepreneurs of all time have also been misfits. Check out this article: The Six Types Of Entrepreneur Misfits: Which Are You?

Entrepreneurs are misfits to the core. They forge ahead, making their own path and always, always, question the status quo. – Maximillian Degeneres

As a blogger, I’ve struggled to find my voice. I sometimes feel like I never fit in, like I’m not really accepted by other bloggers. I’ve often felt like a misfit as a musician. I’m always trying to find something that sounds different, unique. But that makes what I do a little odd when compared to mainstream music. I don’t fit.

Recently, I discovered that sometimes our work also doesn’t fit within our own catalogs. I’ve shared two musical projects on The Creative Side. These projects are composed of music recorded entirely on an iPad mini:

But there were other songs that were recorded during these sessions. However, the songs didn’t fit into either The Leviticus Project or Numbers. And although the songs are all good songs, a few perhaps better than most of the songs on the two mentioned projects, they didn’t fit within the confines of those projects. They are misfits among my iPad songs.

I’d like to share those songs with you as an eight-song project of leftovers that I titled: Misfits.


Misfits includes some unique tracks that I think you’ll find interesting. Listen and enjoy:

  1. Through The JungleThis track, although recorded solely on the iPad, is the only track that uses all live instruments.
  2. She’s Got The Rhythm: This track is a throwback to ’80s dance music.
  3. Red Skies: Here, I experimented with a heavier than usual sound.
  4. Raised On The Radio: This may be one of my finest iPad recordings in a classic singer-songwriter fashion.
  5. On And On: Another song with an ’80s feel, this time more progressive.
  6. Oceans Die: The sister song to Red Skies.
  7. New Day: Another singer-songwriter track.
  8. Heartbeat: A heartfelt ballad about the loss of a child.

The next time you feel like you or something you create is a misfit, remember, sometimes the misfits are the most successful entrepreneurs and our best creative works. Don’t be afraid to be a misfit.