Brian Gardner: 3 Habits for Success from an Online Entrepreneur

You might say that Brian Gardner has had some online success. He’s been involved with some of the most successful creative blogging projects on the web. His projects include involvement and ownership with the following companies and blogs: Copyblogger, StudioPress, Rainmaker Digital, No Sidebar, Authentik, and his personal blog, Brian Gardner. I’m sure I’m missing something.

I’ve had the chance to have a couple of phone conversations with Brian. We share an interest in minimalism and minimalist design. Recently, I asked Brian what three simple habits have been most beneficial in his success as an online entrepreneur. Here’s what he told me:

Focus, Rest, & Delegation

  1. Focus: Brian thinks of himself as a kind of jack of all trades. As someone who has many responsibilities and interests, I understand how it can be easy to get off task. But through good use of time management, we can learn to focus upon and execute our ideas one at a time. It’s important to stay away from multitasking. It’s okay to work on multiple projects. Just don’t try to do them all at the same time.
  2. Rest: Too many people set out to succeed by burning the candle at both ends. Brian recommends taking time away from your projects. Leave everything behind for a weekend. Take a vacation. Unplug from the Internet for short periods of time. Even short breaks help us to reenergize and find new sources of creativity. It could be as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood. Make a point to get enough sleep and downtime.
  3. Delegation: Don’t try to do everything yourself. Brian told me that it took awhile to get used to delegating, but that it’s become a very useful habit. In order to get more done, you have to learn your own role and assign duties to others. Make the best use of your own time by doing what you do best.

A Short Video About Brian’s Genesis Framework

If you’d like to learn more about Brian Gardner’s themes, I found this video review by David Boozer about the “Wintersong” theme. I’m personally not using one of Brian’s themes at this time. I’m considering switching over to Brian’s Genesis framework in the future. Brian’s work is coded simply and minimalist in design. His themes are creative and beautiful. Watch the video:

If you’d like to learn more simple habits for success, I’m currently working on a goal-setting course. As a bonus, I’ll be offering a super habits checklist.

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