Passing Time in Pendleton: A Poem

Every so often I like to post a poem at The Creative Side. I’ve been writing poetry and songs for many years. So it’s a natural fit.

Recently, I spent a few days in Pendleton, Oregon. The wide open spaces, long straight roads, Native American and cowboy cultures are always an inspiration for poetry. Enjoy.

Passing Time in Pendleton

Reflections shimmer across the Umatilla River

from a half-lit marble sky as wind sweeps

the open prairie with gusto. A cowboy silhouette

rides slowly past a lone tree in the distance,

head hung low.

It’s a hard edge. Some might prefer the convenience

of the city scrapers and valet service. I’d rather

saunter by the river and drive long, straight highways

into glorious sunsets dreaming of days beyond trouble.

I came here to find solace, to relax.

Passing time in Pendleton, an escape from the endless

battle on the home front that mirrors the Cayuse War.

Eight years and counting, waiting for the fallout, riding

off without reservation in sight, I’ll take my chances

on the nothingness that awaits.