Here’s Why I Cancelled My Google Analytics Account

It was back in 2012 when I first discovered Google Analytics. I was amazed that I could see such detailed statistics about who was coming to my blog. I thought analytics were the best thing since sliced bread. But a couple of months ago, I unplugged my analytics. Here’s why…

1. See People as People, Not Numbers

Google Analytics can provide bloggers with some great details about the kinds of people that visit our sites. Things like age, gender, location, and even the kinds of devices and services being used are at our fingertips. But there is something the numbers can’t replicate: heart and soul. I don’t want to connect with numbers. I want to connect with people. There are pros and cons with analytics.

That said, I am still using analytics over at my other blog, Hip Diggs. I understand that there are some benefits to understanding an audience, even if your primary goal is not monetary. So I’m using my two sites as a kind of split A/B experiment. That said, I think I’ll be more likely to kill the analytics at Hip Diggs before I’d add them back here.

2. Analytics Are a Distraction from Quality Content

My #1 goal is to create quality content that can be helpful to others. I’m betting there are others who have fallen in the same trap with analytics. Here’s what happens…

It’s easy to start getting lost in the numbers game. I used to check my analytics daily. I’d get excited when there was a spike in traffic. More often, I’d get discouraged and jealous of others with more traffic than me. Even the spikes were often false numbers. I had to learn how to create filters. More time wasted.

Watching the numbers kept me from focusing on what’s really important. I’d spend hours every week studying my analytics. But studying the numbers won’t bring more people to your blog. Creating content that’s useful will. Those hours are better spent reading, writing, and designing great content.

3. Success Is Not a Numbers Game

Being successful isn’t based on how many people follow our blogs. If you’ve reached two people with your message, you have succeeded at serving others. If others pass your information along, the numbers grow. You could essentially reach millions. But it’s not the numbers that matter. It’s the message.

Before you can reach others, you must have a message worth sharing. Success is indelibly tied to your message. Today’s message is simple. Let’s put people and content over analytics.

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