Discover the Best Way to Learn How to Love Yourself

Have you ever thought poorly of yourself or your current situation? If you’re like most people, you certainly have at some time during your life. We humans tend to be funny. We’re often dissatisfied with who we are or what we do. We constantly wish we were somewhere or someone else. We struggle to love ourselves. But there’s an answer to our struggle. And it’s simple.

Find Happiness in Serving Others

I believe that the primary reason we become dissatisfied with our own lives is this: we are at our core, ego-focused beings. We want what we believe is best for us. That might include bigger houses and better jobs. Or it might include less body fat and more fulfilling relationships. But what if we could satisfy all of those needs by doing one thing? Serving others.

Have you ever volunteered for something? How did you feel? I know when I volunteer, I usually feel pretty good. It brings a sense of contentment knowing that I’m helping someone or something else.

As a blogger, I see hundreds of self-help programs and courses to teach us how to succeed or just feel better about ourselves. But maybe we’ve got it all backwards. All these programs and courses continue to put the focus on ourselves. Maybe we are actually loving ourselves to death. And maybe what we really need to do is to love others. The best way to love others is by serving others.

How Are You Serving Others?

I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone. I know life gets busy. It’s not always easy to find time to volunteer. But there are many simple ways to serve others:

  • Hold the door.
  • Help someone cross the street.
  • Carry something for someone with their arms full.
  • Help someone who is struggling to pay a bill.
  • Donate food or money to a local charity.

When we focus on others rather than ourselves, our own lives have a way becoming more pleasant. We begin to feel more peace and tranquility. Bigger homes and better cars seem a little less important. We have less time to mull over all our problems and desires because we are spending our time serving others.

Serving others is essential to our happiness and our success. I’d like to offer you my services. How can I help you?