The Creative Side is my personal creativity blog. It’s a place where I can share my creative side with you. My hope is that you’ll be inspired by my writing and music and that you’ll begin to explore your own creative side.

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Do You Want To Change The World?

The greatest world-changers in history have been creative people. You could be one of them.

The Internet is full of people who want to sell you something. The majority want to convince you that they can help you start a business or become independently wealthy. That’s not what The Creative Side is about.

My name is Dan Erickson, founder of The Creative Side. My goal is simply to use this platform to explore my own creativity. That exploration may come in several forms: I’ll share my own fictional writing, songwriting, poetry, articles about creativity, and more.

In that process, I hope to help you find and develop your own creativity. Here’s the thing: people who are highly creative have an edge in today’s world. I’d like to help you find your edge.

Sample Posts From The Creative Side

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As one who has designed a dozen blogs, written several books, and recorded hundreds of songs, I’ve learned a few things about finding and developing creativity. You can learn more about me and my creativity experience on my about page.

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