The Moment You Find Success Is Closer Than You Think

My bicycle

Change is inevitable. Every journey has ups and downs and twists and turns. Sometimes we can see the changes coming. Other times they can take us by surprise. It’s a little like riding a bicycle. You have to become alert to both your surroundings and be present in the moment.

As I continue my own life journey, I’ve begun to see that much of what the world has defined as success is actually a distraction from success. This might sound like a contradiction, but clues to the puzzle can be found in something as simple as riding a bicycle.

When Riding a Bike, You Must Be Focused On the Moment

Last fall, I made a move to write more at this site and slowly phase out writing at Hip Diggs. I thought my purpose was to create something bigger here, something that might lead to more recognition as a writer and musician. I mistakenly thought that my goal was to be more like other bloggers who have gained larger audiences than my own.

Then something happened. I made a decision to focus less on my online activities and return to some old habits. Reading became more important than social media. Exercise became more important than writing solely for the purpose of gaining more followers. Playing music became more important than sharing my status.

One of the books I’ve recently read is called, The Bicycle Effect: Cycling as Meditation, by Juan Carlos Kreimer. The text compares many of the qualities of cycling to the philosophy of Zen. And the lessons go far beyond riding a bicycle.

Success Isn’t a Future Event, It’s Now

Many people define success as something to be accomplished. And that is part of living a successful life. The problem arises when we put too much emphasis on the future event, as if it’s a destination. We can only live in the present. It’s our daily decisions and efforts that matter most.

When you ride a bicycle, simply to ride a bicycle, you don’t focus on the destination, you enjoy the ride. Even if you’re riding a bike as your primary form of transportation, your mind is not constantly on your place of arrival. You have to stay present and focused on the moment. Soon enough you’ll find that you’ve arrived.

Success isn’t a long list of goals. It’s not fortune or fame. Success starts with living an intentional life. It’s focusing on what each moment has to to teach us without being distracted by future outcomes or past failures. Success is the road. It’s the ride. Live it!

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