Welcome to the Creative Side

There’s a lot of emphasis on business success these days. Most blogs are trying to sell you a book or a program to increase your numbers and your income. As a blogger myself, I can appreciate that, but I think the strategy misses the mark.

That’s why I’ve started this blog. I believe an essential part of success lies within our ability to be creative. In fact, I believe that true success in life is more about our humanity than our pocketbook. Art, music, writing, photography and many other creative endeavors have the power to make us better human beings.

Become Better Human Beings; Become More Successful

Creativity is born from passion. If practicing creativity leads us to become better human beings and becoming better human beings makes us more successful, why do so many start out by chasing the money?

When we practice creativity first, we prepare ourselves to become better leaders; we prepare ourselves with the tools to become more financially successful while remaining passionate human beings.

The Focus Is on Creativity First: Simple Creativity

If you change your goals from trying to make money to creating and sharing, you will be successful. Of course, you’ll also need some business sense to help spread your message, but you must find and develop your creative message first. When you learn this simple concept, you’ll begin to change the world.

It’s my hope that you’ll come back regularly to visit. It’s my hope that you’ll begin to develop your own creativity.

One way to start the creative process is to try new things, accept new experiences. I’d like to share a video with you. In this classic Ted Talk, Benjamin Zander discusses the power of passion and creativity through the use of classical music.