Work Completed Opens Up New Possibilities

I’ve just completed something. I feel good about it. I recently published my third book, The Track To Redemption. This work completed has a double bonus. Not only did I complete a book, I completed a trilogy of books. You can check them out at the following links:


I’ve already posted three excerpts from A Train Called Forgiveness. In the future you can expect three excerpts from Justice And Mercy and Track To Redemption.

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Finishing One Project Opens Up a Door For Another

I’m not writing this post to try to convince you to buy my books. I want to explain how my creative process works when it comes to big projects.

I’m one who keeps several projects going simultaneously. Otherwise, I think I’d get bored to tears. I write, I blog, I play music, I garden, and much more. I’ve discovered a key to getting things done: keep it slow and steady.

I wrote my first book in a hurry. But since, I’ve learned to slow down. I’ve discovered that taking it slow pays off in the long run. It gives you time to contemplate. It lightens the pressure of feeling like you have a strict deadline. It keeps you from burnout. You just have to be disciplined enough to keep coming back to the project. Because in the end, there’s a payoff.

Something magic happens when you complete a major project. You feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. That’s a great feeling, but it leads to more. It gives you the freedom and inspiration to start another project.

Wait… I’m Not Done With The Cult Trilogy Yet

In the near future, I’ll be starting a brand new novel. But I’ve also still got some work to do on The Cult Trilogy. This is where you might be able to help.

I’m proud of my work, but I know it can be better. Soon, I’ll be shopping the trilogy to publishers. Self-publishing has been a great experience, but I’d like to take this series to the next level. I’d love to see the trilogy reformatted and produced as a higher-quality product. Expect a Kickstarter campaign in the near future to help get The Cult Trilogy to the next level.