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Work with me: Photo of Dan Erickson
Photo by Deccio Creative

I love sharing the things I’ve learned about being creative with others. If you’d like to find and develop your own creativity, I’d like to connect with you. There are a number of ways that I can help.

First, I’ll be posting regularly, both here and at my other blog, Hip Diggs. Perhaps some of my articles can benefit you. I post about creativity and simple living.

There are many other ways I might be of service to you. See if something I can do might benefit you.

Read My Books

One way I can offer my help is through my books. See the complete listing of my books and ebooks.

Creative Consultation

If you’re creating or redesigning a blog, I specialize in designing beautifully simple blogs.

With several books and ebooks under my belt, I can help you develop and organize ideas for your next book.


Need bumper music for a podcast? I’ve written and recorded hundreds of songs. I can create all-digital, all-original bumper tracks. I can also help with songwriting projects. Let’s talk.


As a public speaking teacher, I’ve helped dozens of students overcome speech anxiety and learn to give great presentations.

I’ve also given presentations in various venues about various topics such as writing your life story, blogging, minimalism, creativity, music, and more. I’m available to speak at your next conference.

Personal Coaching

I offer personal coaching for bloggers and writers. Check out my affordable coaching packages.


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