5 Ways Writing Your Own Story Will Make You a Better and More Productive Person

There is great power in your story. Taking the time to write about yourself will improve your life in many ways. I’d like to share a little bit of my story with you as an example.

I was child victim of a cult. After being removed from the cult by the State of Washington when I was 16, I struggled through my teens and 20s. The things that happened while I was in the cult had left me angry and confused. But in my 30s, I discovered something. Writing about my past would release me from that past.

Writing Your Story Has a Powerful Effect

  1. It helps you deal with stuff: Most of us have had some bad things happen to us in our lives. Writing those things down will help you to deal with the effects of the hardships and trouble you have faced on your journey. It can be difficult at times, but it works as a kind of self-therapy.
  2. It teaches you self-discipline: Writing is discipline. You have to spend a little time each day in order to complete any piece of writing. When I wrote my first book, I spent two hours a day writing. In less than six months I had my first draft of A Train Called Forgiveness.
  3. You’ll become a better writer: Although I had a master’s degree when I started writing, there were a lot of little writing rules that I had never really understood. As I wrote my first book, I learned how to write monologue, dialogue, and more. You will become a better writer when you write daily.
  4. You can move forward: Writing the story about your past helps you to move on. I was able to find a deeper sense of forgiveness and let go of that earlier part of my life after writing the first book of my trilogy.
  5. It can help millions: I’ve shared my story with hundreds of people. Many have told me how it has helped them on their own journeys. We can learn from our stories. Others’ stories help us to discover things about ourselves. And with some work, your story could reach millions.

Your Learn Productivity in the Process

When you complete your story, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll also become aware of your ability to be more productive. Don’t stop. Use the self-discipline that you have learned by writing regularly. Just take that momentum and apply it to your next project.

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