Business: 6 Ways to Get Your Creative Edge

Since starting this blog about a month ago, I’ve discovered something interesting. Nearly every time I do online research on creativity, I repeatedly find articles from some of the best business magazines and blogs in the world.

There’s a reason that great business publications support creativity. It’s simple. Creativity separates the great from the good.

Creativity Articles from Top-Notch Business Publications

These are just a handful of the dozens of articles on creativity, innovation, and leadership that you can find in business-industry magazines. I’ll be sharing more articles like these in future posts. Why? Because creativity will give you an edge in business.

6 Ways to Get Your Creative Edge in Business

  1. Set Clear Goals: Don’t think that creative people don’t set goals. They do. If you want your creativity to work for you, you have to make it work. That means that you need to have clear goals for your creative projects. I always sketch out my own book and music projects before I start. That helps me to know where I’m going and what it will take to get there.
  2. Write Everything Down: Keep a small journal and write every idea down. Whether it’s an idea for a product, a service, or a great theme song, write it down. You never know when one of those ideas will land you in a new position or get you a new contract.
  3. Break The Routine: Routine is dull. Shake things up. Try a new restaurant. Talk to new people. Play with toys. Write thank-you cards. Waste a little time. Sooner or later, something new will turn the lightbulb on. Breaking routine can lead to a larger variety of creative ideas.
  4. Practice Brainstorming: Get out a piece of paper. Start writing down ideas. Remember, anything goes when you’re brainstorming. Nothing is silly. Nothing is stupid. Just write stuff down. You can play word-association games. You can make lists and outlines. You can use mind maps. Sooner or later you’ll discover that things start clicking.
  5. Change Your Office Up: Change promotes creativity. It stirs the imagination. Rearrange your art and photos. Add some new art. Get a cool chair. Play a variety of music. Make your office comfortable and interesting.
  6. Play Musical Chairs: When you go to meetings, mix it up. If you want to get more creative, talk to a variety of people. Sit in different spots. Make a point to meet as many people in your organization as possible. Networking will prove to your advantage over time.

Never Forget the Power of Play

Play Encourages Creative Thinking

When we’re playful, we’re more likely to be creative. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Of course, there’s a time to act professionally, but don’t forget to have as much fun as possible in your work, in your life. Play just might be your biggest creative edge in business.