Odds & Ends: As a songwriter and musical composer I wind up with occasional extras. A couple of years ago I released Misfits. Here are five more vocal-based songs that I’ve written and recorded in the past year. The songs were too good to throw away, so I saved them to SoundCloud before deleting. (December, 2018)

The Minimalist Mixtape 2: A continuation in my exploration in minimalist music, this second project is both similar to and different from the first mixtape. Electric piano takes the place of the acoustic piano on this outing. There are more ambient sounds. You can also expect stronger rhythms and drums on this second album. (November, 2018)

The Minimalist Mixtape: The Minimalist Mixtape is my first attempt at a purely instrumental project with a focus on simple sonic blends and rhythms. The music reflects the world itself, using images of landscape and journey in sound. The music is full of ambient sounds and musical passion. Make sure to listen through headphones. (October, 2017)

The Leviticus Project: The Leviticus Project is an experimental, 11-song demo of all-electronic music. The entire recording project was completed using Garage Band and an iPad. The songs are roughly based on themes from the biblical Book of Leviticus. The songs have a classic pop-rock groove with touches of blues and soul. (January, 2016)

Numbers: This is my second full-length iPad project. The theme of this 12-song album is consumerism. As a moderate minimalist, I’m concerned with our growing emphasis on material stuff as a means to happiness. The music is a bit heavier than The Leviticus Project. I experimented with sub-bass. You need to listen through good speakers. (March, 2016)

Misfits: Before, after, and between recording The Leviticus Project and Numbers, I recorded eight other songs. These songs didn’t fit into either of the first two albums, so I gave them their own record. Misfits is combination of pop/rock genres that offers a unique musical experience. It’s free to listen. (May, 2016)


A Little Taste In Your Mouth: These are some of my most played, liked, and downloaded tracks. If you want to get a quick idea of the variety of Anderhill, this is a good place to start. It’s like a “best of” compilation with a brand new track, Sound Therapy, as an opener. Listen and relax. (June, 2019)

Ten Drones: A collection of some of Anderhill’s best drone pieces. This 10-song LP includes two new songs, Gods and Angels, and Short Mind Waves, as well as eight tracks from previous Anderhill projects. Even with it’s slightly dark ambient nature, it’s still great music for relaxation and meditation. (May, 2019)

The Heavy Side of Anderhill: From the outset of the Anderhill project, I’ve written occasional heavier pieces. This 10-song LP features Anderhill’s heavier sounds, including the brand new track, Robotic Soul. Listen to 30 minutes of energy-driven Anderhill. It’s free. (October, 2019)

The Beginning: This marks my departure from writing music solely under mu own name. In late 2018, I started writing all my new electronic music under the name of Anderhill. This music is minimalist, but more experimental in nature than the Minimalist Mixtapes. Learn more about Anderhill. (November, 2018)

Out of the Radio Static: This four-song EP is based on my love of all-things radio. I loved listening to distant radio stations as a kid. I worked in radio as an adult. Now as an experimental musician, I turn to radio static. These tracks blend sampled radio noise unique musical sound. (December, 2018)

We All Must Rise: Another EP, this one five tracks long. On this project, I continue to experiment with sampled sounds. There is a meditative quality to the music, with minimalist phrases and chord progressions revolving around rhythmic samples, with the exception of one edgy cut. Even so, the EP has a droning ambience about it. (January, 2019)

Time & Texture: This six-song EP rose out of We All Must Rise, but then took on its own direction. Although there is still some sampling, the emphasis is more on unique rhythmic combinations and minimalist harmonic textures. The second track, F-Train, attempts to create the ambience of riding a subway train in the city. (January, 2019)

Fellow Travelers: A five-song EP that continues to explore musical elements such as time, texture, drone, subtle melodic structures, and disintegration. The second track, Western Movie, breaks the mold with a heavier edge than the rest of the setlist. Combining energetic and meditative qualities, this is great music to listen to as you work or play. (February, 2019)

Tag this Music Anderhill: Another five-song EP released for immediate listening. This EP takes a couple of creative turns while sticking with the basic Anderhill sound. Check out tracks 2&4. The title is an attempt to spread the music. I encourage you to share and tag this music #Anderhill. Feel free to share all of Anderhill’s tracks. (March, 2019)

Something Beyond Our Own Understanding: This five-song EP wades into pure drone music. The EP starts and finishes with the drone pieces, Something Beyond Our Own Understanding 1 & 2. Although it’s a slight departure from previous Anderhill collections, it’s still the definitive Anderhill sound. (March, 2019)

Wandering, Not LostThe music on this 4-song EP reflects my philosophy on life. It’s okay to wander. In fact, it’s by wandering that we find some of the best and most creative parts of our lives. Each track on this EP tends to wander into other-worldly places of its own. (June, 2019)

Three to Fly: On this 4-song EP, I take a couple of new creative risks. The tracks lean more toward movie soundtracks rather than ambient or minimalist pieces. I wanted to push the boundaries a little without neglecting the Anderhill sound. Check out Featherlight. (June, 2019)

The Noise We Make: This 4-song EP is heavier, darker, noisier, and more experimental than any of Anderhill’s previous works. I used sampled road and engine noise to create much of the title track. I experimented with binaural tones on the second track. The third track, Complicated Funk, received immediate positive reaction. (July, 2019)

Rudimentary Elements: After a couple of months off, this August, 2019, 8-song release includes some new and upbeat tracks. On this project, I play with sounds that border on minimalist techno, Rudimentary Elements and Constant Motion, while maintaining the classic Anderhill experimentation with minimalism and ambience. (September, 2019)

Alaska: More music from Anderhill. On this 5-song EP, I experiment with sampled slide guitar, djembe, and back-masked vocals. I stay true to the Anderhill sound, and the spirit of experimentation. On The Battle of America, one of my heroes, Woody Guthrie, makes a guest appearance. (October, 2019)

Wild Ponies: This 4-song EP has a lot of variety. The opening track is one of Anderhill’s most melodic offerings. It might even get stuck in you head. The third track, Moder Dy is a drone piece about an ancient sailing technique for getting home in the fog. This EP hints to some coming subtle changes to the Anderhill sound. (October, 2019)

Big Empty Space: Another 4-song EP with a new twist. The opening track is something different. It’s a departure from the basic Anderhill sounds and a precursor to new directions. The Train adds sampled guitar and voice with a bluesy edge. The rest of the EP is classic Anderhill. (October, 2019)

To stay up to date with Anderhill, please visit the Anderhill website. I won’t be posting new release updates at this site any longer.