Yes, Self Care Is a Form of Productivity

If you want to be productive, you have to take care of yourself. That means ¬†letting go of things that don’t really work to your best interest. It also means doing more to ensure that you’re in optimal mental, emotional, and physical health.

I didn’t make any silly New Year’s resolutions this year. I just started getting back to taking better care of myself. In October of last year, I started some light training in karate again. In December, I went back to some weight training. I’ve also started taking more breaks for me-time. And I’m making a point to eat fairly healthy.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Self Care

Some people might try to convince you that self care is selfish, that we should sacrifice for our family, friends, customers, and country, 24/7. I say that’s a bunch of crap. Sometimes putting me first¬†(and the gimme gimmes) is the best thing for me.

Last month, I could have taken my daughter to a local benefit concert she wanted to see. I opted to go train at karate instead. Why? Because I needed a break from the constant stress that can happen within the family when people spend too much time together. Was that selfish? Nope. I needed a break and I took it, plain and simple.

Not only will self care help to increase your productivity, it is a form of productivity itself. To get rid of toxic things in life, and add more positive things, is productive. Period.

Self Care as Productivity

  • Letting go of bad ideas is productive.
  • Removing yourself from toxic relationships and situations is productive.
  • Quitting habits that are bad for you is productive.
  • Taking time to find quiet space for yourself is productive.
  • Exercising is productive.
  • Purging, and cleaning house is productive.
  • Developing better eating habits is productive.
  • Saying no when you’re already overworked is productive.

Productivity doesn’t always have to be about pleasing others or creating stuff. I could write all night, but if I’m worthless and unhealthy tomorrow, what have I accomplished?

Instead, choose to pace yourself. Spend an hour writing, an hour walking, and an hour playing music, (or whatever it is you like to do). Make sure your surroundings are fairly neat and in order. Make a point to eat well and sleep the best you can. Take any medications you need to take. Get regular health checkups. Take some alone time. That’s productive. And when you do these things, you might just discover that you’ll be more productive at work and beyond.

Self care is not selfish. It will make you a better, healthier human being. So get productive at taking better care of yourself today.