3 Habits for Success from Podcast Movement Co-Founder, Jared Easley

Habits for success: photo of Jared Easley.
Jared Easley

I’ve been asking different online entrepreneurs about the simple lifestyle habits that have helped them become more successful. Podcast Movement co-founder, Jared Easley’s response has to be my favorite so far. His answer is less about getting things done, and more about how we treat others. Sometimes, that’s the most important part of success.

In a world that often seems driven by a selfish desire to become rich and famous, Jared Easley, host of Starve the Doubts, has a refreshing alternative.

Jared Easley’s Top 3 Habits for Success

  1. Noticing others
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Faith

I share Jared’s sentiments on all three of these lifestyle habits, but I especially connect with the habit of forgiveness. So I’ll focus on forgiveness in this post. I believe that forgiving others is one of the bravest and healthiest actions an individual can take in this life.

We’ve all been hurt by somebody, right? It’s easy to be angry and resentful. It’s easy to hold a grudge. But forgiving others is much harder to do. And it’s especially hard if the actions that were taken against us were heinous.

Forgiveness Is Close to My Heart

When I was a kid, my parents got into a cult. I spent most of my teenage years living and working on a communal farm. The leader of the cult was angry and abusive. I was beaten and brainwashed and treated like a slave.

Later, when I escaped the cult, I struggled with anger and hate. I wanted to go back and get even with everyone who had hurt me. In my early 20s, my life was spiraling out of control. I was drinking and smoking and I had no direction. But everything changed one night after I’d had a few too many beers.

I was staying at a hotel on my way through New Orleans. I noticed Gideon’s Bible on the desk. It was open to Psalm 18. As I read the words, something washed over me. Something led me to forgive everyone who had ever hurt me. That night, I forgave the leader of the cult, my parents, and all those I’d held resentment toward.

Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Here’s why I feel that Jared Easley is right on when he calls forgiveness a simple lifestyle habit that leads to success:

  1. When we don’t forgive our enemies, we are trapped by our own anger.
  2. When we forgive our enemies we are set free.

It’s that simple. We’re set free. And when we’re set free, we discover the power to move forward. We can begin to make positive changes in our lives. Those changes allow us to begin to help others through their own forgiveness journeys. It’s a domino effect that keeps giving. That’s success at its best.

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