A Simple Guide to Developing Super Habits

What if there are certain habits that you could develop that would make you happier, healthier, and more successful in life? And what if you had the secret to developing those habits?

Just as superfoods are good for our bodies, super habits are good for our ability to overcome obstacles and become more happy and productive individuals.

What Are Super Habits?

  • Getting up early is a habit. Getting up early and being committed to a specific morning routine is a super habit.
  • Reading is a habit. Reading materials that will help you understand the solutions to your problems is a super habit.
  • Exercising is a habit. Practicing any exercise until you reach the highest level possible is a super habit.

A super habit takes an existing good habit and uses it to its maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Steps to Developing Super Habits

  1. Do a habit inventory: Spend an hour writing down as many of your habits as you can. Make two columns. Include your bad habits in one column and your good habits in another.
  2. Shift the bad to the good: Pick a bad habit. Maybe you watch too much TV. Now pick one of your good habits, one that you want to improve. Let’s say it’s walking. Find ways to associate walking to watching TV. You might stick a note on your screen. Or you could put the remote in a place where you have to walk to get it. Begin to replace TV watching with walking.
  3. Concentrate on making the good better: As you increase the time and energy you put into a good habit, you can begin to make it a more productive habit. For instance, you can start listening to a podcast about finances while you’re walking. Or use your daily walk for prayer or brainstorming.
  4. Be ready for resistance: Habits can be hard to make stick. We tend to drift back into our comfort zones. Be careful not to do that. Check your habit inventory regularly.
  5. Repeat the process with another habit: Once you feel confident with one habit shift, try another. Keep in mind that it takes weeks to months to develop a habit.

Creating a super habit simply requires shifting our energy from bad habits to good habits. Once we begin to spend more time practicing good habits, we can learn how to maximize those habits. But there’s more…

Two More Things to Keep in Mind

  • Love the process: If your sole purpose for developing a super habit is for a desired outcome, you may be disappointed. Don’t tie yourself to goals that you may never reach. You may never write a best selling novel or run a marathon. That’s okay. The key is to find satisfaction in the process of writing or running.
  • Be willing to flex: Don’t get so stuck on any one habit that you are unwilling to be flexible. Just as the seasons change, habits can ebb and flow. You might write more in the winter and run more in the summer. You might spend a month on a special project and cut back on another habit during that time. That’s life.

Try a super habit for 30 days.

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