Creativity 2020

So we’re heading into a new year. I’ve already told you that I’m not going to post a bunch of BS about goals and resolutions, and I won’t. What I will do is this: Make some broad predictions about my own creativity in 2020 and encourage you to think about being creative in the new year.

202o Will Be Another Creative Year for Me

There’s a reason I’m not going to create a list of goals. I know myself. Chances are good that I’ll fall short in my non-creative goals, and I’ll surpass my creative goals. That’s the way it works for me most years. So I’ll just say straight up that I’ll be making a bunch of new shit this year.

  1. Websites: I’m not planning on making any new sites this year, but I will continue to write new posts a couple of times per week. I’ll also drop occasional posts at my Anderhill site. And then there’s poetry.
  2. Poetry: About a year ago I started a separate blog for poetry: Cowboy Zen. I’ll keep posting poems with no specific schedule, just whenever I feel like it. That’s the way my creativity works. And it’s freeing to throw schedules out the window.
  3. Music: I’m going to continue to develop my experimental electronic Anderhill sound. A minimal house dance EP might be in order. I also hope to refresh my live singer/songwriter chops again this year. I might even mix a little singer/songwriter style into Anderhill.
  4. Books: I haven’t written a book for awhile. No promises, but maybe 2020 will be the year that I’ll get going on another fiction. Then again, I might write another self-help title. Or perhaps I’ll just write songs. Only time will tell. Check out all my books here.

Get Creative in 2020, You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

I’d like to encourage you to get creative in the new year. What do you have to lose? Think about it. If you spend more time doing creative things, you’ll likely spend less time doing these things:

  • Watching TV
  • Playing video games
  • Getting on social media
  • Watching YouTube
  • Doing other meaningless, time-wasting activities

There you have it. Creativity can help you to get more disciplined. The more you create, the less time you’ll waste. You’ll also be improving at your art. ¬†Whether you draw, write, or play music, I’d like to encourage you to make 2020 a kick-ass creative year.