Super Habit #10: Eat Your Oatmeal

Do you ever skip breakfast? It’s not good, you know. There are a lot of reasons to eat a healthy breakfast. It doesn’t have to be oatmeal, but a nutritious breakfast is at the heart of Super Habit #10.

I’m Not Going to Lie to You

I eat breakfast about 362 days a year. Yes, I occasionally miss breakfast, but I got into the habit of eating a regular breakfast years ago. A lot of people don’t eat breakfast in America, about 31 million to be exact. And according to studies, it could be killing them.

My current morning routine is simple. I get up, drink a big glass of water, take a walk, grab a coffee, write, and eat breakfast. I don’t eat a perfectly-balanced breakfast, but I try to eat healthy. Here are my go-to morning meals:

  • Granola with yogurt
  • Eggs and toast
  • Oatmeal with blueberries and milk
  • Bananas and other fruits
  • Starbucks or McDonalds (occasionally)

5 Reasons to Eat Your Breakfast (Oatmeal)

  1. Boosts metabolism: As we age our metabolism slows down. This means we become more prone to gaining excess weight. Eating breakfast helps to keep your metabolism higher and you’re less likely to get fat.
  2. Reduces cravings: I know that when I skip breakfast, I’m much more likely to snack all afternoon. And snacking leads to weight gain. It might just be a few potato chips and one candy bar, but it will catch up to you.
  3. Helps concentration: Breakfast stimulates the mind. You’ll have better concentration throughout the day if you eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. You might even start meditating.
  4. Keeps blood sugar stable: You ever get that jittery feeling because your body needs food? That’s your blood sugar getting a little low. Eating breakfast stabilizes your blood sugar and then you can avoid the jitters.
  5. Adds fiber: If you eat whole grain cereals, breads, and fruits, you’ll be getting a lot of fiber. I probably get more fiber at breakfast time than during any other meal. You know what can happen if you don’t get enough fiber? Clogged pipes!

Practice Super Habit #10 for Success

If breakfast makes you healthier, then it also leads to more happiness and greater success. It truly is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs nourishment after going 10-12 hours without food.

Make a point to practice Super Habit #10 and eat a healthy breakfast every day. I think you’ll be glad if you do.

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