In the Balance We Thrive

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a new poem, so I thought I’d do some spontaneous writing this week. One thing that I love about poetry is that it feels spontaneous and immediate to me. When I get in a creative writing mood, I can sit down and write a poem without worrying about perfection because poetry is imperfectly perfect.

You can write poetry, too. It’s simple. Just free your mind and let your thoughts flow. Be spontaneous. I often start with a title. That’s what I did with this one. I came up with the title first. Then I chose a featured photo for the post. I’ll try to incorporate the image into the poem. Now it’s time to write. Spontaneous. I hope you like it.

In the Balance We Thrive

Some days are bleak, some days are grand.

Sometimes we fall, sometimes we stand.

A rainbow of colors awaits patiently,

pebbles of all different shapes and size.

In the balance we thrive.

Ecstasy and panic, two sides of a coin.

Music is calling, the piper must join.

Between notes and rests, you intuitively

know when the melody of life will arise.

In the balance we thrive.

Don’t get caught in the future or past.

Don’t get stuck going too slow or too fast.

Be content with the air that you breathe,

be it from light or dark skies.

In the balance we thrive.

* * *

So how’s that for a little spontaneous writing? It’s not perfect. I just spent about 15 minutes writing this poem. It does express how I feel at this moment. It’s honest. It’s true. It’s poetry.

If you’d like to read more of my poetry, I’ve written a book of poems: Incandescent Man Walking. It’s available at Amazon.